The jetski Seadoo Spark is soon for rent at Watersports

The playful Jetski Seadoo Spark is on its way to Watersports North Beach in Dubai at La Mer by Meeras. The famous new toy from Seadoo is a best seller for many reasons, and you will soon understand why :

  • First of all, it is very light, you can jump, turn and do some nice tricks easily
  • Powerful : with its light hull, the engine power will surprise you.
  • Easy to handle : the perfect size of the watercraft suits everybody for an easy handling even for first timers
  • Finally, its great unique look : Seadoo has created different color and models to suits every taste, and of course, it decorates our beach at Watersports

Where to rent the jetski Seadoo Spark

Watersports will be providing seadoo spark rental at North Beach, the motorized beach spot at La Mer. The same spot as for wakeboard, wakesurf and Flyboard.
We will offer Dubai tours in the morning, so you can enjoy flat water for more speed and a better sight seeing jetski experience.

All day, you can rent your Seadoo Spark and access our track. Situated in front of the public beach of La Mer – North beach, it has been designed by Ruby our professional jetski racer expert. On a track, you are able to learn how to handle a jetski like a pro. It is probably one of the only motorsport where you MUST accelerate to make your jetski turn, otherwise it goes straight. Learn how to get more speed on the water in addition to using the accelerator trigger. Riding on a track will provide you with the most adrenaline a Jetski can give you. Sharp turns, speed, concentration, you will challenge yourself with this amazing watersports.

Watersports will organize training classes by professional jetski riders. Follow us on social medias to make sure you won’t miss any good news you may benefit from. Jetskiing is probably the best activity in Dubai, so don’t wait any longer and book your session now.