Minimum rental 30Minutes
  • 30 minutes : 320 aed
  • 1 hour : 530 aed
  • 2 hours : 1000 aed
  • 3 hours : 1895 aed

The sport of Wakesurfing is a new famous water activity that has been introduced. It is relatively an offshoot of wakeboarding, but without any ropes. Wakesurfing is much safer activity than other exhilarating water sports. The motorboat pulls the surfer at low speed through the glistening waters of the coastline. It requires a surfer trailing behind a boat (similar to a wakeboard boat) on a short board of about (1.5 meters long and literally surfing the boat’s wake without being pulled by the boat with a rope. Our certified instructors will assist first timers and beginners in the activity for a fast but safe improvement in the riding skills. They will guide through the entire wake surfing initial safety procedures from safety gear, life jacket to foot placement and the rope firmness. This sport is making waves at the La Mer beach coast in Dubai. Book your session now.

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Customer Reviews

This is my first time trying the wakesurf activity in Dubai and was extremely satisfied. The thrill was mind blowing and I will be definitely remembering this forever. The boards were very dependable and the training by the instructors was very professional!Lana

Wakesurfing has always been my passion activity. It was truly an extraordinary experience to wakesurf in Dubai and Watersports by First Yacht made it happen. Amazing boat wave, out of all the ones I have been on. Thank you!Alex

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